User Manual

Please read these instructions before using this product.

Note: This product is intended for external testing only. Do not look directly into the LED light.

Neviscope is a smartphone-compatible magnifier designed to enable photography of skin lesions. It has a system that allows for high magnification and clarity of images.

It can be attached to a smartphone using a patented mount. Neviscope is compatible with more than 90% of smartphones on the market. It is best to purchase a matte case for the phone , which will make our dermatoscope more stable.

The mount needs to be attached over the smartphone camera,and then the Neviscope with the overlay is placed on the affected skin area. To attach the universal mount to your smartphone, simply place it on the back of your phone. (See figure and video). Then adjust the Neviscope lens over the camera on your phone.

In the case of several cameras – you need to find a compatible one with Neviscope, please see how to do it by going to the videos recorded on our Youtube channel

How to take a picture

  • After selecting the area to be photographed, gently dampen it and the surrounding skin with your hand with disinfectant or similar liquid, then brush the birthmark with oil or butter. This increases skin translucency and improves image quality.
  • After connecting the Neviscope to your smartphone, place the black spacer directly on the skin and press the power button about 5 sec to turn on the lens.
  • Then take a picture with your smartphone.

Before taking the picture, note that if the camera is placed on the hair instead of the skin, you may need to shave the area.

How it works

Instructions for charging the dermatoscope via USB and in the second video the first insertion of the dermatoscope

Instructions for setting up Neviscope dermatoscope on smartphones :

Iphone 14

Samsung S21

Samsung S22

Iphone SE

Iphone 12

Phone case for better examination comfort

    Works with the standard USB port of any phone charger cube
    Attach the mount to the phone and launch.
  3. CALL
    Connect your device to your smartphone and turn on the light
  4. FREE Neviscope Professional app to download for Android and iOS

Download the free app from the App Store or Google Play follow the instructions in the app.

Battery charging

Before first use, charge the device for at least 15- 20 minutes by charging the USB interface, which will turn off the blue light after successful charging. The product will automatically turn off after 1 minute.

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Length of warranty: 2 years

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Neviscope Dermatoscope Type: Deviscope NV 007 complies with the essential requirements of the New MDR EU Directive Regulation 2017/745.

GMDN :18021 Dermatoscopes

Classification : Class1, Rule